Mar 8

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Is Your Text Game Weak? There's An App To Help You Out

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Just when you thought your weak texting game was killing your dating life, enter Nattr - a new source for bomb sexts crowdsourced within its community. The next time you have that "what do I text back?" anxiety, you can download Nattr and anonymously send a screenshot of your text message to fellow users, as well as a hand picked staff of writers and comedians. Getcho text on. (via The Guardian)


Here's The Video Of Model Ondria Hardin (Not) Sabatoging Bella Hadid On The Givenchy Runway

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In an awkward video of Givenchy's finale, some speculated that model Bella Hadid was nearly sabotaged by another model, Ondria Hardin. Sorry internet, there is no Naomi vs Tyra-esque runway beef between Hadid and Hardin.

Style Arabia's Nouriah Al Shatti caught up with the Style managing editor behind the video, Caterina Minthe, and got the legit tea. According to Shatti, the runway was set up like a labyrinth and models had no idea in which direction to walk. Riccardo Tisci's fan club only added to models' frustrations. Via Style Arabia:

"Assuming the show was over, Kris Jenner and Kanye West, who were sitting but a few meters from our Managing Editor, got up to rush to congratulate Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci. Naturally, everyone got up too, and gravitated towards Jenner and West...It was utter chaos." DAMMIT, KRISYE!!!!!

People began to exit, loiter, and trash the runway with their invites (rude) while the models were STILL WALKING THE RUNWAY.

“No one tried to trip Bella Hadid. As for Ondria Hardin, she looked down to avoid tripping on something herself,” informs Minthe. Meanwhile, showcasing her Italian spirit, the respected model and Givenchy muse, Mariacarla Boscono, motioned to Hardin to keep walking as they were almost out."

And there's that! No tea, no shade. #BlameKrisYe. (Via: Style Arabia)


It's International Women's Day Today

via: Brawny

And naturally brands are playing into the celebration of women, like Brawny, which replaced the male Brawny Man mascot with four different women for its #StrengthHasNoGender campaign. (via: Adweek)


The Only Thing Better Than The Original "Work" Is DJ Dodger Stadium's Remix

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JMSN's Video For Soulful "Cruel Intentions/Good Ol' Case of the Blues " Gets Him An Invite To The Cookout


Mar 8, 2016


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