Nov 9

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Tim Wolfe Is Out At University of Missouri

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Mounting pressure from students and faculty has forced University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe to resign after his failure to address concerns about racism (ie: the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson) and the many instances of racial intolerence on campus. Back in September, Mizzou Student Association president Payton Head was harassed by a group of men who repeatedly shouted the "N word" at him on campus, and no action was taken.

Protests kicked into overdrive last week when graduate student Jonathan Butler launched an eight-day hunger strike that would continue until Wolfe was removed from the position. Tensions rose when, on Saturday, the school's football team, backed by their coaching staff, refused to play until Wolfe was removed. Wolfe resigned later this morning.

Concerned Student 1950, and activist group on campus, are now demanding racial awareness be set in place in the curriculum, and an increase in black faculty to 10% by 2017. (Via: NYT/ ABC)


Rumblr Is Like Tinder Except It Connects You To A Fight, Not Love :(

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Rumblr is here, which means that the swipe-oriented app craze must be stopped. Officially. On the yet-to-be-released app, users can swipe right and meet people to fight with in the streets. After a "match" is initiated, recreational fight enthusiasts can organize fights and chat with fellow Rumblrs. Why is this real?

According to a spokesperson, the app has "raised relatively substantial funding from private American investors and the app is fully developed." But since there's that small issue of perpetuating street violence, legal issues are being worked out between Rumblr and Apple iOS before it launches in the App Store. (via: Rumblr)


You Can Also Connect With President Obama

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The POTUS has finally joined Facebook! He used his first status to promote his favorite missle test launch conspiracy. Kidding! In the prez's inagural post he addresses sustainability, climate change and clean energy. Follow him here.


Terrible People Built A Robo Pizza Rat To Troll Commuters

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Pizza Rat can't stop / won't stop returning to our newsfeeds. Now, the Pizza Rat is a robot two pranksters have created and set loose on the streets of Manhattan, surprising toursits and annoying natives. (via: Digg)


Wine O'Clock And Chill Track: Tunji Ige's "On My Grind"


Nov 9, 2015


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