5@5: Miranda July Is The Star Of Rihanna's 'T' Magazine Cover Story


Oct 12, 2015


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Miranda July Was The Star Of Rihanna's 'T' Magazine Cover Story

via NYT

Rihanna and her $4k septum ring cover 'T: The New York Times Style Magazine's "The Greats" issue, where she's intervewed by artist/writer Miranda July. Here's where I would normally quote Rihanna, but nah, the best part of July's interview—which reads more like a story about a celebrity encounter and less like a standard Q+A— was her takeaway from her one-on-one with Rih:

"Souls are funny things. They stay constant even when the outside changes, or when the heart makes mistakes. Souls don’t really care about good or bad, right or wrong — they’re just true. Everlasting. It makes you sound dumb to talk about this stuff, which is why no one could tell me exactly what it was about Rihanna. But millions of fans don’t seem to need it explained to them. A soul just knows a soul."

Now that you have a new insightful quote to drop on Tumblr/Insta, slide over to T-Magazine to read the full length interview where Rih talks race, what turns her on and dating. (via: NYT)


#TheMoreYouKnow: It's Better To Poop Squatting vs Sitting *MIND BLOWN*


University of Texas Students Protest Gun Law With Dildos

via Facebook

A Facebook event page called Campus (DILDO) Carry is calling for University of Texas students to protest the school's "campus carry law"— a law that will allow license holders to carry a concealed handgun on campuses— by bearing huge, colorful dildos on campus. According to student organizer, Jessica Lin the #CocksNotGlocks protest will begin August 2016, when the law takes effect.

“The State of Texas has decided that it is not at all obnoxious to allow deadly concealed weapons in classrooms,” said Jin on the Facebook page, “however it DOES have strict rules about free sexual expression, to protect your innocence. You would receive a citation for taking a DILDO to class before you would get in trouble for taking a gun to class. Heaven forbid the penis."

#CocksNotGlocks will start off with a group strap-in on August 24. At the time of this writing, 5.2k students have agreed to participate. Since fake peens can be pricey, Jin is looking for dildo companies to help sponsor the event. PORNHUB, COME THROUGH. (Via: Facebook)


Buzzfeed's 'Another Round' Asks Hillary Clinton About Harsh Crime Policies

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Finally, shit got real for Hillary Clinton during her sit down with Buzzfeed's Another Round hosts, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. During a segment where they discuss her meeting with the represenatives of the Black Lives Matter movement, Clayton asked Clinton straight up whether she felt the mass incarceration law signed under her husband's administration, "really fucked [things] up for black people.”

"I think what’s important is you take stock of what was done and you figure out what needs to change and what we have seen over the course of now a number of years is that too many low-level offenders, too many nonviolent offenders ended up in prison, and that became a terrible strain and drain on the African-American community, because too many, again, predominantly, not exclusively, men, were ending up incarcerated."

Listen to the interview here. (via: Buzzfeed)


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Oct 12, 2015


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