5@5: Melissa McCarthy Was Rolling Around Midtown As Sean Spicer


May 12, 2017


Swagger NYC


Sean Spicer Refuses To Confirm Trump's Threatening Tweets

Happy Friday! Donald Trump kicked off the weekend by threatening fired FBI Director James Comey, tweeting that he may have recorded conversations between the two men that could be leaked to the public. WAIT! IT GETS BETTER - in another tweet, Trump suggested that he may cancel press briefings because "as a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!"... Because everyone is lying their ass off and no one can keep up?

In a Friday afternoon press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused to confirm or deny whether Trump's meeting with Comey were recorded. (via: NYT)


Melissa McCarthy Was Rolling Around Midtown Dressed Like Sean Spicer Today

Ahead of her "Saturday Night Live" appearance, Melissa McCarthy, dressed as White House press secretary Sean Spicer, took to the streets of New York City Friday morning riding a motorized podium, screaming into traffic near Manhattan’s Columbus Circle.


Donald Trump's Lawyer Inadvertently Makes A Meme

Today, Trump's lawyer started a new viral meme thanks to a letter sent to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, alleging the president's tax returns from the last 10 years show no "income of any type from Russian sources" — "with a few exceptions." (via: Twitter)


Season 7 Will The Last For 'Scandal'

According to Deadline, the seventh season of 'Scandal' will be its last. What are Thursdays without Jake Ballard? I have no idea. (via: Deadline)


Kacy Hill Drops Two Songs And Album Release Date

Hill's debut full-length album, Like a Woman, is set to come out on June 30th through G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam Recordings.



May 12, 2017


Swagger NYC