Feb 4

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Kanye Says That The #KAmber Meet Up Went Down At Kris Jenner's House

via YouTube

Kanye West gave a rare interview to Big Boy and chopped up his untitled album that's undergone more name changes than Diddy. The overall vibe will be "ultra light beams," and 'Ye's vision: "I'm trying to open up hearts, minds." He also touched on the Wiz Khalifa Twitter feud, Kim and Amber's meeting (it went down at Kris' house, so I'm assuming we'll see it next season?) and responded to Drake's jab about having bigger pool than Yeezus. "I have three pools."


EW, No: Marco Rubio Wants To Be Your Political Bae, But Ew.

via Marco Rubio

In an attempt to appear "down" to the ol' mightly millennial voters, Marco Rubio just rolled out a "Ru(BAE)o" t-shirts and bumper stickers. For the two people still using the term "bae", stop it. Stop it right now.

I'm not sure whose thirst is realer, Rubio's, or the supporters who'll actually wear this.


How Sway?: Donald Trump Has Been Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize

via: Knowyourmeme

An anonymous U.S. politician actually nominated Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, meaning that if hell freezes over and he actually is honored with the prize, Trump will join a list of luminaries including Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama and Malala Yousafzai. (via CNN)


Yes, You Care: George Clooney And Rihanna Play 'Never Have I Ever' With Ellen


Lais Is Your New Fave, Straight Outta Toronto


Feb 4, 2016


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