Aug 23

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5@5: SP and Cass Talk The 5 Stories You Should Know

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is BFFs With A $cammer

Leonardo DiCaprio's decision to abruptly cancel a $33,400 per person fundraiser for Hillary Clinton over "scheduling issues" is supremely sus given that Leo DiCap just so happens to be a small player involved in a huge multibillion dollar embezzlement scandal in Malaysia.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of DiCaprio's friends, Malaysian businessman Jho Low owes hundreds of millions of dollars illegally used to bankroll "Wolf of Wall Street", fund his extravagant lifestyle, a real estate venture and donations to charity events hosted by DiCaprio. The DOJ believes that around $3 million was embezzled from a 1MDB, a Malaysian "sovereign wealth fund" set aside for developing areas in the country. (via: THR)


We're Fickle As Fuck When It Comes To Pokémon Go

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If you're still a diehard Pokémon player, I suggest you catch 'em all quick, because soon you'll be the only one on the app. According to data from Sensor Tower, Apptopia and SurveyMonkey, in July the app boasted nearly 45 million users, as of this month 10 million daily users have ditched the app. (via: Bloomberg)


Stanford Addresses Campus Rape By Banning Liquor

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In an incredibly weak attempt to curb campus rape following Brock Turner's conviction, Stanford has banned hard liquor from undergraduate campus parties. Because party and alcohol are to blame for rape and assault....okay. (via: CNN)


13,000 Felons Will Vote In This Election Thanks To Virginia Governor

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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has restored voting rights to almost 13,000 felons who have finished their sentences, probation and or parole after the state Supreme Court blocked his executive order issued in April. Republican legislative leaders had challenged initially the case, arguing that the order was part of a plan to help Hillary Clinton secure Virginia. McAuliffe plans to restore rights to the remainder of the 200,000 felons promised in April before registration deadline for voting in the fall. (via: NYT)


Aug 23, 2016


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