Aug 16

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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5@5: SP and Cass Talk The 5 Stories You Should Know

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Italian Restaurant Thinks #BlackOlivesMatter Merchandise Is Sooo Funny

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The owner of Paisano's Italian restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico, thought it would be soooo funny to sell "black olives matter" shirts and hats to promote a new tuna dish that comes with black olive tapenade. The store owner told a local news station that the merchandise was not meant to sit racial tensions, but rather sell food and gain attention. Failing to see that this undermines a movement created to honor and protest black deaths at the hand of police officers = peak white privilege. (via: Fox Local)


SCARY AS FUCK: Roger Ailes Will Prep Trump For Debates

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Donald Trump's spokeswoman Hope Hicks has denied The Times report claiming that disgraced former CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes will prep Trump for the presidential debates this fall. According four anonymous sources, Ailes x Trump alliance can "extend beyond the debates." The first debate is on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University on Long Island.
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Kesha Drops Abuse Charges Against Dr. Luke In New York

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Kesha will no longer pursue allegations of abuse against Dr. Lule in New York. She still faces the producer's claim of having violated her contract, but moving forward the singer's defense will focus on what Digital Spy describes as "professional grievances" rather than assault. (Via: Digital Spy)


Banks Drops Stunning New Visual To "Gemini Feed"


Aug 16, 2016


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