Jun 6

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Kanye West's NYC Pop Up Performance Turned Into A Shitshow

via: Instagram

Last night at around 2am, NYC saw the power of social media and Yeezus thirst combine when 4000+ fans flooded the streets outside of Webster Hall in hopes of catching Kanye West's surprise pop-up show. It didn't happen given a clear capacity issue and the controversy already surrounding rap shows in NYC.

Despite the shutdown, the turnout was still a win for the KimYe brand thanks to West Family documentarian, Kim Kardashian West, who decided to livestream Kanye's attempt to contact Mayor de Blasio and convince NYPD to "shut down the streets to throw a party outside" on her $2.99 subscription-based app. Can't knock the hu$tle.


Ex-Stanford Swimmer's Dad Calls 6-Month Sentence For Sexual Assault Harsh For "20 Minutes Of Action"

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The father of Brock Turner, the former Stanford swim team member found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015 said in statement that his "non violent" son is facing a harsh 6-month sentence for only getting "20 minutes of action".

People kill other people in a matter of seconds, should murderers get lesser imprisonment time too? (Via: Washington Post)


Which Miss USA Answer Bombed The Hardest?

via FOX

What's worse? Miss. California being clueless about economic gap or Miss. Hawaii and refusing to reveal her presidential pick?


Vic Mensa Drops "There's A lot Going On" Visuals


Jun 6, 2016


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