Oct 24

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Jay Z To Host A Hillary Clinton Concert In Swing State Ohio

Details of the event have not been formally announced, but according to Clinton aides (via Buzzfeed) Jay Z is whipping Hillary's black votes in battleground Ohio before election day.



THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Two variations of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired cereals will hit the market on January 2017, one will be Caramel Crunch (derived from the Samoas) and for chocolate lovers, Thin Mints. Cancel your January paleo diet. (via: CBS)


Adnan Syed Asks To Be Released On Bail

The lawyer for "Serial" season one subject Adnan Syed has filed a petition on behalf of Syed, whose murder conviction was overturned this summer, asking for a judge to grant his release as he awaits a new trial.

"He has no history of violence other than the State's allegations in this case, and if released he would pose no danger to the community," the Motion for Release Pending Appeal document reads. "He is also not a flight risk; it makes no sense that he would run from the case he has spent more than half his life trying to disprove." If the motion is granted, Syed, who was convicted in 2000 of murdering his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee, would be free after more than 15 years.


Run The Jewels Drops "Talk To Me"


Oct 24, 2016


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