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Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Jaden Smith throws all the mics in a new Vogue Korea spread where he poses in one shot sans shirt wearing blue nail polish, and in another (above) in a slay Louis Vuitton dress that I really need. This is the look, Jaden. (Via: Instagram)


Keeping Up With Kanye West's Twitter Rant

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A lot of drama went down in the Kardashian Kompound today, and it's coming from all different angles. If you're confused with all the new players added to the Kardashian-West drama, allow me to break down the fuckery for you!

First, Kanye West changed his album from "SWISH" to "WAVES", upsetting the fans of the incarerated Harlem-bred rapper, Max B, who coined the term "wavy", which is used to describe his melodic rap style. It's also used to describe a really fucking good time, much like "lit".

So those among the Max B fanbase shading Ye happend to be Wiz Khalifa, who politely told North and Saint's dad to go back to "SWISH" because, "Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him."

Unfortunately, this constructive criticism drove Kanye krazy, and he responded to Wiz in a 20-tweet rant that includes two valid points.

But mostly West tweeted a lot of misogynistic shit aimed at Amber Rose and her son with Wiz Khalifa. Not cool. Amber Rose responded by calling Kanye a #FingerInTheBootyAssBitch. Also not cool. I'm going to give this clapback a 5/10 because it errs on homophobic. (Maybe discuss how this validates the point you made in creating the anti-slut shaming, Slut Walk?!?!!!!!!!!)

Also, tearing down other women is totally against the Kardashian feminist branding! Kris Jenner is not here for this!!!! That's likely the reason why Kanye has since deleted all of these tweets, but you can tell read them on Imgur. Or just wait until season 12 of KUWTK.


In Better "Waves" Related News, Listen To The Remix Of Miguel's "Waves" Featuring Travis Scott


The Best Times To Find Love On Tinder Is At 9PM

According to Nielsen data collected from 9,000 panelists included in its Electronic Mobile Measurement project, finding love in a hopeless place is easiest anywhere between 6pm to 10pm on Tinder. 9pm is the peak time for activity and responses. Booty calls and cheating are most likely going down until 10pm, when the app users decline. (Via: HuffPo)


FKA twigs Has The Best Calvin Klein Ad, Duh

The campaign also features Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap and Kendall Jenner.


Jan 27, 2016


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