Nov 23

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Rihanna Announces A World Tour For An Album No One Knows Anything About

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Happy Thanksgiving week, today I am thankful for Rihanna, who may or may not be releasing her hotly anticipated album "ANTI" this Friday, according to reports. The album is slated to make its debut on Jay Z's Tidal service, where Rihanna is artist-shareholder. Rihanna's camp has remained mum on album release date news, however today the official dates and stops for Rihanna's world tour, sponsored by Samsung featuring Big Sean, Travis Scott and The Weeknd have been announced. Tickets go on sale December 3.

A tour date announcement before the album date announcement?! I'm so confused.


The Fake "NYU White Student Union" Is Still Up And Running On Facebook

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One thing no one is thankful for, the troll that created the "NYU White Student Union" Facebook page promoting the supposed club aimed at representing the unheard voices from members of the largest ethnic group on campus. According to the anonymous leader, the page still up on running on Facebook, is for "celebrating whitness, not denigating [sic] others." But wait? Don't we celebrate whiteness in America every day?

In a statement, NYU Director of Public Affairs Matt Nagel denied the existence of the organization at the university. "The Facebook page is using NYU’s logo illegally and without permission, and we have contacted Facebook to demand the NYU logo be removed." The page is still up and running with 429 "likes". (via: NYDN)


There's An App For When You Want To Repot Sus Activities In NYC

via: News10

New York City's new app, See Something, Send Something—which encourages anyone in the city to snap a picture of suspicious activity and submit the intel to the New York State Intelligence Center— was probably made with great intentions, but let's be real, there will be more racist, wrong, or fake tips than helpful ones reported. (Via: News10)


Adele's "25" Album Is Going To Crush Every Single Record EVER

The reigning queen of crushing sales has set fire to every single week sales record after selling 2.3 millin copies of "25" in its FIRST THREE DAYS (without streaming). On the eve of Adele's album release, it was suggested that Adele would likely beat *N SYNC's single-week sales record for "No Strings Attached" which was 2.41 million cpiies in its debut sales week back in 2000. The power of Adele is real. (Via: The Verge)


Wine O'Clock And Chill Jam: Moxie Raia's "How To Feel"


Nov 23, 2015


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