Sep 12

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Jean-Paul Goude To Shoot Kenzo x H&M With Iman


RuPaul Wins First Emmy After Eight Seasons Of Slaying The Children

Y'guys, I'm GAGGING. After eight seasons of slaying my mind, body and soul, RuPaul won his first Emmy for the reality drag competition show, "RuPaul's Drag Race." Mother queen won best reality TV host at Sunday night's Creative Emmy Awards, beating out heavyweights including Tom Beregron ("Dancing With the Stars"), Ryan Seacrest ("American Idol") and Heidi Klum ("Project Runway") YOU BETTER WORK. The best part of RuPaul's win was his commentary backstage with Yahoo where he dedicated the trophy to his girls aka the contestants.

"It’s really about the girls [contestants], all the 100 girls who have come through on this show who are so brilliant. I accept this for them,” he said. “The significance [of this award] is we hear the stories of 100 queens—actually now 112 queens—who get to tell their unique stories of survival. It’s so important for all the young people around the world who get to see this show to hear that there is a way for you to navigate this life.”

No go stream Rupaul’s "Drag Race All Stars" and get your entire life. (via: Yahoo)


Hillary Clinton's Impersonator Isn't Even In NYC To Play Stunt Double

But nice try Hilluminati conspiracy theorists! Clinton impersonator Teresa Barnell was bombarded with texts and Twitter alerts after Trump fans created the theory that Clinton—who appeared to faint outside of the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan on Sunday then reemerged hours later looking healthy and fly AF in a blue pantsuit—hired Barnwell as a body double to downplay a more serious illness. Barnwell shut down the #HillaryBodyDouble conspiracy on Twitter, with a picture of herself, a fake Bill and John Legend on the set of "Lip Sync Battle" in LA. So there you have it.


Instagram Cracks Down On Trolls

The platform is making it easier for users to block the trolls with a new tool in its "options" page that allows users to create a list of personalized words they consider offensive or inappropriate. This can be racial slurs, specific user names or keywords used in spam like, "LB" and the notorious, "I usually make roughly $6 thousand-$8 thousand /every month for freelancing at home." BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS. (Via: Instagram)


Francis and the Light Shares “See Her Out”


Sep 12, 2016


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