Feb 29

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Leap Year Miracle: Justice Thomas Clarence Asks His First Question In 10 Years

via NYT

Today isn't just a regular leap day, y'all! During Monday's hearing in the Voisine vs U.S. case, Justice Clarence Thomas, who has not said one word in open court since February 2006, broke his 10 year silence when he inquired about a federal law that would ban domestic abusers from ever owning a firearm. According to the AP, Thomas was concerned that the misdemeanor conviction of any other law "suspends a constitutional right." Via BuzzFeed

“One question,” Thomas said. “Can you give me another example where a misdemeanor suspends a constitutional right permanently?”

The back-and-forth lasted for roughly five minutes, with Thomas asking several questions.

“You’re saying that a misdemeanor conviction results in a lifelong ban on possessing a gun,” Thomas said. “Which at least right now is a constitutional right.”

“In these cases, did any of the petitioners use a weapon?”

Eisenstein responded that they had not.

“So it is not directly related” to the original crime, Thomas asked.

Eisenstein responded that those who commit domestic violence are much more likely to use a gun to kill their partner.

Thomas then floated a hypothetical question, comparing the Second Amendment’s protection of gun ownership to the First Amendment’s protection of speech. He asked if the government could suspend someone’s right to ever publish again if they were convicted of a misdemeanor.

Blame Thomas' comeback on the leap year? The recent death of his judge BFF, Antonin Scalia? WHO KNOWS. (via: BuzzFeed/NYT)


DJ Khaled Announces Jay Z Is His New Manager In A BTS Video


New ~*~Art~*~ Going Up In Brooklyn

via Public Art Fund, NY

INSTAGRAM/SELFIE BACKDROP ALERT! Martin Creed's red neon 25-foot-tall "Understanding" sculpture moves into Brooklyn Bridge Park's Main Street lawn on May 4th. Via the Public Art Fund:
The beam will spin at varying speeds, sometimes moving slowly and other times at a faster pace; the rhythm will be determined by a computerized program designed by Creed.

#BrooklynBridge Instagrams are about to be LIT. The sculpture will be up through October 23rd. (Via: Observer)


LOL, Literally No One Watched The Oscars

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In news that shouldn't surprise anyone, Sunday night's Oscars brought in the third-lowest viewership since 2008. According to THR, the show averaged 34.3 million viewers. Yikes. (Via: THR)


John Oliver Is Why #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain Is All Over Your Timeline


Feb 29, 2016


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