5@5: "Hotline Bling" vs "Cha Cha"


Oct 20, 2015


Swagger NYC


Need A New #Squad? There's An App For That

via Squad Goals

Following in the footsteps of bae, Ryan Seacrest's favorite buzzword "squad" is now an app. The New York City startup is revamping your squad by connecting users with groups of friends for a casual meet up. Like Tinder, there's a right-swipe capability, but rather than single dates, you first form a squad with your friend(s) and swipe through a databse of other groups looking to inspire #SquadGoals. It's now available in the iOS app store. (Via: Techcrunch)


Drake "Hotline Bling" Memes Swallow The Internet, Incites Minor Beef With D.R.A.M.

via Twitter

On Monday night, Drake premiered visuals to the "Hotline Bling" featuring his slow cha-cha moves, which means that today is International Memeify Drake Day. Since the visuals dropped, fans have been turning Drizzy's geeky dancing into LOLOLOL-worthy videos that everyone is sharing. Everyone except for D.R.A.M., the artist behind the obscured summer jam, "Cha Cha", who feels "jacked" after Drizzy sampled the beat for his own smash hit. According to Drake, the similarities between "Cha Cha" and "Hotline Bling" have to do with his creative process. Sure, Drake. (Via: Fader)


Google Blesses With New Map Highlighting Cheap Gas

via Google

Over the next few weeks, Google Maps for Android plans to roll out an update that'll allow users to view the cheapest nearby gas stations along their route. No word on whether iOS users will be blessed with the update, which will also include the ability to add detours and find out how much time a detour will add to your planned trip. (via: Google)


PSL Is A Hair Color Now, Red Head Is Dead Forever

via Instagram

Gone are the days when women can stroll into their salon and ask for "red" or "strawberry blonde" when looking to add some fire to their lewk, according to Mashable. Now, salons are using PSL or, pumpkin spice latte, to describe the latest hairstyle trend. Via Mashable:

"The latte itself is a subdued copper, which I think is an easier pill to swallow especially for those brunettes who are apprehensive to 'red,'" Michelle DaCunha, senior stylist at the Drawing Room NYC tells Mashable. "Subdued copper is soft and gentle and can be achieved on brunettes with a few delicate pieces of balayage and a gloss. Depending on your blonde, this can be achieved with a few pieces and/or a gloss on existing highlights."

BRB. Preparing to log off life right now.

(Via: Mashable)


So Here For This: "Used To Love You" Sounds Like No Doubt-Era Gwen Stefani


Oct 20, 2015


Swagger NYC