Jul 23

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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5@5: SP and Cass Talk The 5 Stories You Should Know

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Hillary Clinton Is Sliding Into Your Messages To Announce Her VP (Most Likely Tim Kaine)

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Hillary Clinton is planning to slide into your SMS messages and announce her pick for Vice President leading up to her rally this afternoon in Tampa, according to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. Clinton and her VP (most likely Tim Kaine) will make their first appearance together on Saturday.


No Headphone Jack on The iPhone 7?!

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According to leaked reports on the new iPhone 7, in the near future expect to use the lighting port (aka the charger port) as your new headphone jack. The phones will also have dual-lens and waterproof protection (Via: BGR)


Ex-Guard Admits To Falsifying Jail Logs Before Sandra Bland's Death

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An attorney for Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal tells the Houston Chronicle one of the guards in charge of supervising Bland recently admitted under oath that he lied about checking on her an hour before she was found dead.

Lawyers for Waller County claims Bland's lawyer argue that Bland's lawyers are taking the "small portion" of the testimony "out of context".

Reed-Veal is currently pursuing a federal lawsuit alleging that her daughter’s death was the result of willful and wanton negligence on the part of the county. (via: Houston Chronicle)


MoMA PS1 Features Branko, Kamaiyah And More

MoMA PS1's music series will host the likes of Branko, Kamaiyah and Maluca Mala this Saturday. Get your tickets here.


Jul 23, 2016


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