Mar 1

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Thousands Believed This Fake New York Times Article About Elizabeth Warren Endorsing Bernie Sanders

via Clone Zone

A Times article reporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) endorsed Bernie Sanders was viewed more than 50,000 times, received 15,000 shares on Facebook, and...it was a hoax.

As the real Times reports, the fraud piece titled, "Warren Endorses Sanders, Breaking with Colleages" first hit the internet on Clone Zone, a super sus web cloning site that allows users to edit content on any website. Via NYT:

"The fake news article, which mimicked The Times’s typefaces and design and included the bylines of two of the newspaper’s political reporters, appeared with the headline “Warren Endorses Sanders, Breaking With Colleagues.”..."An article circulating on social media tonight that is made to resemble a New York Times story and says Elizabeth Warren endorsed Bernie Sanders is a fake and has no connection to The Times,” said Matthew Purdy, a deputy executive editor of The Times.
Ms. Warren has yet to endorse a presidential candidate."

The Clone Zone article has been replaced with a cease and desist notification, issued by NYT. 4-Real, the company behind Clone Zone, denies any involvement with the fake article. (via: NYT)


FKA twigs Directed The New Calvin Klein Short, "Good to Love"

via Nowness

The self-directed/edited short, set to the backdrop of her single "Good To Love", is choreographed by Aaron Sills for Calvin Klein's denim spring campaign and features a cameo from dancer Kaner Flex. Duh, twigs should just go ahead and direct everything for Calvin Klein moving forward. (via: Nowness)


Not So Happy Super Tuesday In TX: Houston Residents Protest Donald Trump

via Twitter

Super Tuesday in Houston draws Trump supporters to the polls, and protestors mad as hell over the possibility of Trump winning the GOP nomination. The latter group posted these swatstikas at the entrance to one polling station. (Via: Twitter)


What Emojis Do You Use On Social Media The Most?

via EmojiLife

You should use Twitter's Emoji Life for two reasons; first, it's fun as hell and second, it's probably time you switch up your go-to emojis. The new tool released by the app not only tracks which emojis users tweet the most, but also which icon triggers the most engagement, retweets and likes from followers. See exactly how many times you use the eggplant here.


JMSN Drops The Super Soulful "Cruel Intentions", Announces Album Release Date

Via text messages sent to fans, the songwriter/producer announced his forthcoming album,"It Is" will drop May 6th via JMSN's White Room label. Along with the release of "Cruel Intentions", the JMSN online shop just got a major #key update featuring dad caps, vinyl records and trippy apparel.


Mar 1, 2016


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