Jan 23

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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This Is Why Over 3 Million Women Marched This Weekend

In his first move as the country's orange dictator, Donald Trump signed orders to reinstate the so-called Mexico City policy, first established by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The move that puts millions of women's reproduction rights on the chopping block cuts off federal funding for international family panning charities that provide or "promote" abortion procedures. Under the order, NGOs are forced to exclude any mention re: abortion care, or sacrifice accepting federal funds. Under the 1977 Hyde Amendment, NGOs are already blocked from using federal funds for abortions.

Along with the Mexico City Policy, Trump also ordered a federal hiring freeze and pulled out of the negotiating process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (via: CNN)


Sean Spicer At Press Briefing: "Our Intention Is Never To Lie To You"

Which is funny because Sean Spicer has spent the entire weekend lying to us.


Tidal Isn't Dead Just Yet

Despite reports of fake members and flailing memberships, Spring has reportedly purchased 33% stake in Jay Z's Tidal streaming service. According to MarketWatch, the deal includes a $75 million a year marketing fun that "will be used to obtain and promote exclusive content from artists." Okay, but does that mean more Beyoncé docs or?????


The Trailer To Britney Spears' Lifetime Biopic Is Here And Just As Messy As You Thought It Would Be


You'll Never Get To Heaven Drops The Track "Images"


Jan 23, 2017


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