Nov 3

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Ugh, Did Someone Kill Rudolph?! Christmas Is Dead.

Help Find Rudolph The Reindeer!

Bad news for children around Russia. Seems like its version of Rudolph, a reindeer named Bugor, was stolen from a theme park and authorities think he might be chopped up and sold for meat. They're offering about $310 for any information on Bugor's whereabouts...a paltry sum for Santa's #main deer but OK. (via: NYP)


Actually, Global Warming Was All A Lie, Y'all! J/K Sorta.

Antartica's Ice Shelves Are Growing

If you, like us, were thinking 'OMG, it's 70 degrees in NYC and it's October...global warming MUST be real!," you'd be really really mistaken. NASA released a report today claiming that Antartica isn't actually losing ice but, in fact, the continent is accruing it. Via CNN: " The findings do conflict with more than a decade of research indicating that Antarctica is losing ice and that the loss has contributed to rising global sea levels." Researchers are now trying to understand if the rising sea levels across the globe are due to ice melting in parts of Greenland and elsewhere. (Via CNN)


Nope, Victoria's Secret Does Not Have Rihanna's Money

Rihanna At The Release of #ANTI Album Cover (Via Billboard)

Pop music fans were ecstatic when Victoria's Secret announced the line-up for this year's scntily-clad fashion show. At the top of its music billing was Rihanna, whose long-awaited album #ANTI has unsettled fans. Unfortunately, the Navy will have to wait until after the VS Fashion Show to hear from Rih. The company announced today that Rihanna will no longer perform at the show to finish work on her album. In her place is Ellie Goulding, who has dropped two singles in the last month. Looks like no one has Rihanna's money...


CONFIRMED: GMail Is Big Brother

via Gmail Blog

Gmail announced today that it will launch a "smart reply" feature to its mail app on mobile that will provide users with 3 options with which they can easily respond to an email (Ex: Yes, I can. No, I can't. Maybe, I can.).
"What we realized is on mobile the actions that we take in writing emails are very short and typically very action-orientated," said Amit Singh of Google. "And through machine learning we've been able to underhand those actions…and give you multiple choices that you can…respond back to." Are you cool with this? (Via: Gmail blog)


Sia Drops ""Bird Set Free"


Nov 3, 2015


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