5@5: Artists Ask Whitney Biennial to Remove a Painting of Emmett Till


Mar 21, 2017


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FOMOing At The Mouth: Michelle Obama Had Brunch With Sarah Jessica Parker, Gayle King, and Robin Roberts

Sarah Jessica Parker forgot to invite me to a power brunch with Michelle Obama, Robin Roberts and Gayle King as the Breslin in New York City.

According to “Page Six,” the four women recently met up at the gastropub for a totally chill brunch where they “sat around for a long time in a booth having Champagne and Bloody Marys with their meal." SAME. SAME. SAME.

An blessed eyewitness told Page Six, what we already knew: “It was supercool.” However, security was so tight that nearby diners were unable to “catch what the women were discussing," though I'm sure at one point they shared a laug over wiretapping microwaves. (via: Page Six)


Black Artists Are Protesting An Emmett Till Painting At The Whitney

"Open Casket," a new painting by New York artist Dana Schutz showing at the Whitney Biennial is being protested by a group black artists who claim Schutz, who is white, is exploiting the traumatic events surrounding Emmett Till's death.

The piece under fire depicts depicting the body of the African American teen who was tortured and killed in Mississippi in 1955 at the age of 14 by two white men in Mississippi after a white woman claimed he had whistled and grabbed her (the woman, Carolyn Donham, later admitted to providing false testimony). Emmett's mother insisted on an open casket funeral to display the brutality her son endured. The photos of Till's body were later used throughout the civil rights movement.

And now, it's the subject Schutz's painting, currently being protested at the Whitney by a small group of artists who blocked the painting from view until the museum closed last Friday. Berlin-based artist Hannah Black has also written an open letter to the Biennial, asking that "the painting be destroyed and not entered into any market or museum." (via: ARTNET)


Apple Launches A New App

Rather than compete with the social media platforms, Apple has created a video editing app that'll cut down the painstaking process of creating #firevideocontent. Clips app allows users to combine video clips, photos, and music intro a shareable video message compatible with Facebook, Messages, and Instagram. (via: Apple)


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Snoh Aalegra Shares "Time" An Unreleased Sample Used On Drake's "More Life"


Mar 21, 2017


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