Nov 24

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Amazon Pulls Its Nazi Subway Ads No One Asked For

via Gothamist

If you've taken the 42nd street shuttle train lately, maybe you've noticed that Amazon Studios took over the New York City subways for its new drama, "The Man in the High Castle" and wrapped seats in symbols from Nazi Germany. As it turns out this was a very bad idea and while acceptable under the MTA's content guidelines, people were not down to sit or stare at Nazi insignia. The streaming platform has pulled the ads from the trains, because let's be real, they should have never even been there to begin with. Amazon has not released a comment. (via: Gothamist/Variety)


You Need This For Your Holiday Wishlist

via Etsy

Etsy user, Candice Pugh created a line panties featuring Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy emblazoned across the front and back. The

re's only one way to say "thank you for being a friend" AND IT'S OBVIOUSLY SOPHIA PATRILLO PANTIES. (Via: Etsy)


A Starstruck Holly Holm Asked What Jay Z's Wife's Name Was When She Met Beyoncé

via: YouTube

A possibly stoned Holly Holm discusses an embarrassing encounter with Queen Beyoncé and her husband. (Via: Complex)


Can Bernie Sanders Announce Killer Mike As His Running Mate Already?

Watch the poignant speech rapper/activist Killer Mike delivered to a crowd at a rally in Atlanta on Monday, following a soul food meal with Sanders at a restaurant called Busy Bee. #WoesGoals forreal.


Wine O'Clock And Chill Jam: The Club Version Of "Hello" Is Finally Here


Nov 24, 2015


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