Dec 14

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Twitter's New Character Limit Could Be 10000

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The struggle to keep your tweets under 140 characters may be a thing of the past by the end of first quarter. According to Re/Code, sources leaked details surrounding a new tool dubbed "Beyond 140", a long-form tweet option that would expand the limit to 10,000 characters. I side-eye this because clogged newsfeeds are the worst, but according to the anonymous source, users must first expand the tweet in order to see additional content. Here for it.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment. (Via: Re/code)


Watch A Tearful Obama Call For Stricter Gun Control Laws

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Dolce Gabana Unveiled Its Collection Of Hijabs

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The Rape Victim From "Making A Murderer" Speaks Out

In an interview with The Marshall Project, Penny Beernsten, the woman who accused Steven Avery of sexual assault speaks for the first time about his realease after 18 years after being exonerated through DNA testing, and her "complicated" emotions toward Avery. (via: The Marshall Project)


Seth Meyers Is Also Totally Obsessed With "Making A Murderer"


Dec 14, 2015


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