5@5: A Gay Bar Built In A Homophobe's Backyard


Sep 17, 2015


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Comedy Duo Builds A Gay Bar In Putin's Backyard 

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How do you say F-U to  a homophobic dictator? By erecting a gay bar on his own property, of course! 

My new best friends, comedy duo Far & Son, hit the remote island of Åland archipelago where Russian president Vladmir Putin owns a plot of land, and erected a makeshift gay bar on his estate. Inspired by the Blue Oyster bar featured in the Police Academy films, Putin's own Blue Oyster comes equipped with rainbow lights and men in leather vests and yellow



According to The Guardian, police have arrived at the scene at the request of Russia. “The perpetrators forced their way into the area and built something, leaving their rubbish behind,” authorities said. “This incident has been classed as trespassing, as well as some sanitation violations. Police have been in contact with the Russian consul and documented the crime scene.” At the time of this writing, Putin's Blue Oyster has yet to be taken down. (Via: The Guardian)


All Your Private Information Is Now Public Thanks To Those Kardashian Apps You Downloaded 

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Keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenner squad may have


you your privacy. Yesterday, developer Alaxic Smith discovered that the sites connected to Kendall, Khloè, Kim and Kylie's apps contain an open javascript file which leads to an unsecured API. The security flaw allowed Smith to gain access to names, email addresses and credit card information belonging to the nearly 600,000 subscribers who ponied up the monthly $2.99 fee. Smith was also able to alter data and site content, as well as peak at which Kardashian/Jenner is locking in the most users -  Kylie is in the lead with 663,270, Khloe is in second place with 96k, Kim is at 80k and 50k people


about Kendall. The issues within the K pages have been resolved and the post was ultimately taken down from The Medium,  but here's a cached page. Smith has been banned from speaking to the press because who run the world? Kardashian. (Via: Tech Crunch)


Willow Smith Drops The Video For "Why Don't You Cry" 


A New Tinder Knockoff Has The Option To "Netflix And Chill" 

TikiTalk is a new Tinder-like hook app where users can select activities to do with others nearby, one of which includes "Netflix and Chill".  It was only a matter of time... (Via: Fusion)


Iggy Azalea Refutes Claims That She's Been Dropped By TIP

In a series of tweets, Amethyst Kelly denied that TI has severed business ties with her despite revealing the news in an radio interview with Hot 97. Okay, girl. 


Sep 17, 2015


Swagger NYC