Jul 18

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Lt. Brian Rice Found Not Guilty On All Counts In The Death of Freddie Gray

Opting for a bench trial rather than jury trial, a Baltimore judge found the highest ranking police lieutenant charged in the death of Freddie Gray not guilty on all counts. This marks the third non-conviction for the cops involved in the April 2015 incident in which Gray suffered a fatal neck injury as he was being taken to a police station. Brian Rice, 42, was facing up to 15 years in prison on charges that included involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct.

Two more officers will be tried over the next few months. Prior to Rice, Officer William Porter's ended in a mistrial, Officer Edward Nero was found not guilty by the same judge and Officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the police van that carried Gray after his arrest and faced the most serious charges, was acquitted in June. (via:

Baltimore Sun



Keeping Up With The Kim-Kanye-Taylor

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By now, we can approach Kim Kardashian West's Snapchat-Gate in so many directions. LET'S TRY TO DISCUSS EVERYTHING, GUYS.

Let's discuss how masterfully Kim K teased this news before baptizing the internet in scorching tea. First, in print, she told GQ's Caity Weaver that she had footage of Taylor Swift supporting Kanye's "Famous" lyrics despite a statement claiming that Kanye did not call for approval, and declined being part of the track. Then on television, with the KUWTK episode revolving around the aforementioned interview, and the age old Taylor Swift vs Kaye feud. And finally, social media. Kim took to Snapchat and revealed in a series of Snaps that Swift had, in fact, approved a lyric she later called out, thus outing Taylor Swift as TAYLIAR. Kim held on to this tea for months and sprinkled droplets across every single platform before the downpour.

Let's discuss Taylor Swift's response — a screenshot of a statement written in Notes— was prewritten included the "search" link in the upper-left corner indicating that Tayliar wrote this a while ago, and not last night, while stuck in a

Mr. Krabs vortex


Le't discuss how Taylor's squad, including Chloë Grace Moretz, Selena Gomez and Ruby Rose have pulled the "we should be talking about bigger issues that matter" card, meanwhile they've been silent on either the Orlando Pulse shooting or the string of black deaths, cop deaths, or all the above.

Let's discuss the irony Taylor Swift accusing Kim of

"character assassination."

Let's discuss how suspicious it is that two masters of media manipulation are at odds, and the possibility that this feud, like a relationship with Tom Hiddleston, is fake. Can this culminate with a

selfie with Kim and Taylor in the future? Yes.


Selena Gomez Is Officially Cancelled

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Following The RNC, Which Kicks Off Today In Cleveland

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I/you would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I/you never asked to be a part of, but the RNC will be a pot of hot messy goodness. Follow the event on social media under the hashtag RNCInCle.


Watch Michael Kiwanuka's Performance For FUV Live At The Cutting Room


Jul 18, 2016


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