May 25

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SP and Cass Breakdown The Top 5 Stories You Need To Know


LEGO Master Model Builder, Veronica Watson Slays

via Veronica Watson/LEGO

All hail LEGO Master Model Builder Veronica Watson for turning LEGO onto iconic moments from "Lemonade". Just kidding about the iconic thing - EVERY PART OF "LEMONADE" IS ICONIC. See Watson's work in the gallery below.


Kenzo x HM Is Happening

via: Shark Attack Fashion News

Following in the footsteps of Balmain, Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and Lanvin, come November Kenzo lite will be available at H&M. In a statement released today, H&M confirmed that the French fashion house will release collection of clothes and accessories for men and women this fall. It marks the first time H&M will collaborate with an LVMH brand.


Rich White People Being Messy - Nick Denton vs Peter Thiel

via Google

We haven't really posted about Hulk Hogan's case against Gawker Media, which published an excerpt of Hogan's sex tape in 2012, and ended in a $140 million judgement - BUT MESSY PLOT TWIST! Hogan's case against Gawker is being secretly bankrolled by PayPal founder Peter Thiel. He's paying for Hogan's case and other separate cases as a means of seeking revenge on Denton/Gawker for outing him in 2007. "Lemonade" is literally inspiring EVERYONE outchea!!!!

So, leading up to the case, Denton and others speculated that Hogan had a wealthy Silicon Valley plug secretly funding his legal bill for the first fight against Denton and Gawker. Then, last night Forbes confirmed Denton's suspicions, citing anonymous "people familiar with the situation" who claimed that Thiel "played a lead role" in funding Hogan's case against Denton.

It was believed that if Thiel's involvement was put out, the court would rule in Gawker's favor during its second trial, and grant a new trial or reduce damages. But nah. Via ABC

"The court today denied Gawker's request for a new trial and to reduce damages. Plaintiff Bollea believes rightfully so," Hogan's legal team said in a statement after the request was denied, referring to Hogan's real name, Terry Gene Bollea.

"Gawker has failed and continues to fail in recognizing their obligation to Bollea for their reprehensible behavior and method of doing what they call journalism. Their refusal to accept responsibility for their conduct and denial of the obvious continues to drive their litigation strategy," Hogan's legal team added.

(via: ABC/Forbes)


Vaporwave Remixes Drake's "Fire & Desire"


May 25, 2016


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