5 Minutes With:
Andra Day

Andra Day is bubbling.

This morning, she's on a street corner in downtown Manhattan, serenading fans and passersby as part of Citi's month-long "Sweet Offers" program, and this evening she'll be swooped off to LA for more promotion. The constant movement has become common for Day, since she dropped her debut album Cheers To The Fall in August. She sang for CNN's Heroes event earlier this month, dropped an Apple commercial with Stevie Wonder for the holidays, and nabbed 2 Grammy nominations just last week (Best Performance/Best R&B Album).

"I believe there is an appointed time for everything," she told me, referring not to her career but rather to the white hot success of her hit single, "Rise Up". "The Earth is wrought with tragedy," she said frankly. "[Rise Up] is a simple message telling people to persevere."

When she heard she was nominated for her performance of "Rise Up", her boyfriend ran into the room cursing with excitement. "I said 'Stop cussing first thing in the morning...then he told me I was nominated and I lost it." As for which award she's dying to nab? "Listen, I’m nominated in a category with D’Angelo... I’m like I ALREADY WON."

Watch Day talk more about falling in and out of love, her history of singing on streetcorners, and how she found out about the Grammys below:


Dec 15, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis