When Less Is More – Tom Fitzer

Seems like summer bumped spring out of its way a little early this year. Luckily, Tom Fitzer was well-prepared for the ensuing heat. Over the weekend, we ran into the teen-Brit who showed us how to master 80’s UK grunge in nothing but overalls, a spiked choker, and a vintage flannel (for when the sun goes down obvi). Take notes, kids, less really is more.


Vogue’s Vintage Diva – Louisa Alsen

We’re pretty certain Louisa Alsen stepped out of a Vogue magazine spread and onto the streets of SoHo yesterday, decked out in what can only be described as downtown-meets-Mad Men-glam. Her black wide-brimmed straw hat and wedges (scored during a trip to Germany) highlighted her bright red pout and clear frame shades.  With a closet full of contemporary threads, and grabs from both Beacon’s Closet and the Salvation Army, the 20 year old  FIT Textile and Design major is clearly a master at both ze style and ze thrift. With a sartorially perfect look like this, who says you need to break the bank to look designer? Pass the scotch, please.