by Taylor Irwin

Are Facial Flower Crowns A ‘Thing’ For Bearded Men?

sarah winward flower beard 2

If you haven’t been to a music festival, seen a Lana Del Rey music video, or walked by a Forever 21 in the past year, then you might have missed the ‘flower crown’ trend that’s spread to far corners of the universe. Typically paired with a high-waisted jean short and a crop top (cc: Coachella), the crowns appear to have confused their wear-ers into thinking they are forest nymphs sent from a Shakespearean-play. #Basic is an understatement.

Attempting to make fun of (imitate?) the ~*~floral crown~*~ is a new trend popping up on social networks, featuring men accessorizing their beards with a little floral goodness. Uhhhhhhhh. We can only hope that this doesn’t manifest into a full-blown style DO, because THIS IS A DON’T, FASHION BROS.

tumblr_n6mb9by9Je1r81i4fo1_500 sarah winward flower beardFabien Verriest




Via: Tumblr