by Taylor Irwin

NEWS: Rihanna and Drake Dine In Amsterdam, Vogue Releases Blackface Editorial & More

Drake and Rihanna Dine In London, Sparking More Romance Rumors 


Music collaborators and rumored boo thangs IRL, Drake and Rihanna have been caught spending a lot of time together lately. The two stepped out for dinner in London on Saturday, after meeting up in Amsterdam for sushi earlier this week following her surprise appearance at his concert in Paris. Decked out in a Dead Boys Clubhouse hooded sweatshirt casually reading “Drugs” (because, Rihanna), the “Po’ It Up” singer looked sly trying keep a low profile from paparazzi. Earlier this year in his massively-controversial Rolling Stone article, Drizzy admitted that Rihanna was the “ultimate fantasy.” We smell a romance a’brewin, even amid their denial that they’re just friends. We’ll just have to see about that though, won’t we. (via E! Online)


Vogue Italia Drops Blackface Editorial, Inducing Sighs Everywhere


Welp, much to everyones dismay, it looks as though the Blackface trend shows no sign of halting. No matter how many times we have to remind everyone THAT IT’S NOT F@K$#NG  OKAY, editorial teams everywhere consistently seem to not be missing the memo. The latest culprit to place themselves in the “remarkably ignorant” category is Vogue Italia who covered model Saskia de Brauw with tribal markings, colorful headdresses, and printed wraps for their March 2014 issue, confusingly titled, “Abracadabra.”


The idea that multiple people gathered, brainstormed, and then approved this editorial is perplexing and disturbing, and makes us question whether the entire publication’s staff were collectively dropped on their head. Newsflash: Blackface was never, will never, and  IS never okay. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU?! (via Huffington Post)

Petition Surfaces Calling For Lupita Nyong’o To Play X-Men’s Storm Character


Because it’s the internet and people can rally for just about anything, a new petition has surfaced calling for darling Lupita to play Storm in the upcoming X-Men films. This move would debunk Halle Berry from the role, who has played the action hottie for years. Says the petition creator:

This is important because listening to the demands of your consumer base means more than your own personal casting choices. She has the accent, the look, and the acting chops to play Storm as the comic book intended. Please kindly take this into consideration and respect the demand of Marvel consumers and fans of this amazing franchise. This petition was started based on the overwhelming responses to my tweet “I volunteer as tribute to lead a social media charge to get Lupita cast as Storm!”

After the success of 12 Years A Slave, it’s no wonder that people are up-in-arms trying to get her casted left and right. Should Lupita play the X-men leading lady, or does Ms. Berry have it on lock? Let us know who’s the most Storm-approved on our Facebook page. 

More Details Surface About Missing Malaysian Flight 370


It’s been three days since the Beijing-bound Malaysian airplane went missing, and more details are coming to light about who was and was not aboard. While the search carries on in the South China Sea for any clues regarding the flight’s location, investigators are still baffled by the lack of information they have yet to find. While oil slicks have been found in the Gulf of Thailand near where the place lost contact, the 227-person-flight has been confirmed to be carrying at least two people who had stolen passports. This information leads FBI investigators to believe that foul play may have been involved in the plane’s disappearance. Our prayers are with the families of those on board, which included citizens from some 14 countries. (via CNN)