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Taylor Swift Fans Threaten and Bully Bad Kids Clothing Company To Take Down Designs

TaylorSwiftExTank-SwaggerNewYorkAfter Bad Kids Clothing debuted a new line of t-shirts emblazoned with the names of nearly every Taylor Swift ex, the county singer’s fans went batshit. “By midnight, I was getting hundreds of calls and texts from unknown numbers,” BKC designer Lex Houser told us. The “Swifties” – their name, not ours – had interpreted the tanks (which come in 5 neon colors) as “slut-shaming” the singer, and within hours made #BadKidsClothingTakeAawayTSwiftTop a global trending topic on Twitter.


One text sent to Houser stated “You have underestimated the Swifties”, while an email to BKC threatened to “burn their house down.” Though there were thousands of tweets, retweets, texts, and phone calls from the singer’s most avid fans, Houser and her partner Andi Cross noticed one trend: their age. “These Taylor Swift ‘gangmembers’ are 10-14 year old girls who thought we were calling Taylor a whore,” said Cross. “One girl told me that she was going to stab me.  It’s crazy that these young girls are spreading such hateful messages, all over the Internet, surrounding their fandom.”

Despite the threats, however, Houser and Cross say business is up. The tanks which retail for $19.99 stack Swift’s exes into “Jonas, Till, Lautner, Mayer, Gyllenhaal, Redmayne, Efron, Kennedy & Styles” and are selling out on the company’s website, which is better known for its EDM-lifestyle wares.

The duo aren’t worried for their lives but think Taylor’s fans need to control their tempers. “Taylor is big into this anti-bullying talk. But clearly the message just isn’t getting through to her fans,” Cross said.  Yah, with threats like those, we’d have to agree…