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The Best Celebrity Fuc* Yous Of The Last Year With B.Scott, Rihanna, Khloe K + More!


While on the red carpet of last weekend’s BET Awards, celebrity blogger B.Scott was forced to change his outfit between segments; the network thought his flowing top and heels looked a bit too feminine for its viewers. And so B.Scott did what any professional “face” would do: He changed, conducted his live interviews in a suited (read: more masculine) look, and then took to Instagram, Twitter, and his blog to let the network know that he was insulted, discriminated against, and “so fuc*ing beat” by the major network.

In one of the most epic shadings we’ve EVER seen, B.Scott riled up his followers to lash back at BET for its antiquated handling of the situation, and then got national press on board. (At the time of this article, Entertainment Weekly, HuffPo, The Root, and more covered the Awards debacle). To applaud him and other celebrities who have publicly HadIt.Com with brands larger than themselves, we have put together this handy dandy rundown of the most epic “Fuc* Yous” ever. Get your middle fingers up:

B. Scott Shades BET

let me just say this… by @lovebscott

One 15 second Instagram Video says it all: B.Scott doesn’t “give a fu*k” how BET thinks he should dress, nor does he care about the fallout from his coverage of the discrimination on his blog. Best line comes when B.Scott mentions that the sponsor of the BET Awards stood behind him, but the network didn’t : “We at Procter & Gamble support you and we do not agree with what BET is doing to you,” said the P&G rep to Scott.

Gwyneth Paltrow Pisses Off Vogue


When your party sucks, Gwyneth Paltrow will let you know. After this year’s Met Ball, Paltrow told multiple outlets that Anna Wintour’s much-celebrated event was “not fun” and “too hot.” Because when you’re one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, it’s not the magazines that pay your bills, so fuc* em! Or something like that.

Rihanna Side-Eyes MTV


Rihanna smokes pot in bathrooms, Rihanna smokes pot in hotel rooms, and Rihanna smokes pot atop people’s heads. Rihanna, my friends, does not care. So when MTV caught the star rolling a blunt on the head of her bodyguard, they tweeted “YIKES. @Rihanna’s marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy.” Rihanna’s response? “@mtv Yikes…@rihanna ran out of fuc*s to give.” MTV swiftly deleted its initial tweet.

Khloe Kardashian Shades Glossy Mags


Our bestie Khloe K. knows how to subliminally shade the haters. After a press trip in New York, Kardashian wore a “SHADE” sweatshirt into LAX, telling all the glossy mags and those obsessed with her pregnancy to take several seats.

Alec Baldwin Takes On The Daily Mail

alec baldwin freak out

After James Gandolfini’s funeral last week, The Daily Mail reported that Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria had tweeted throughout the proceedings. Enraged, Baldwin lashed out in true mobster fashion, taking the Daily Mail’s writer to task, threatening to “fuc*.you.up” for lying about his wife’s actions while sitting in a pew. In just a few tweets, Baldwin surely sent a Soprano’s type scare down the spine of DM writer George Stark.