by Klara

Trend Watch: Nail Rings At Chanel Haute Couture

chanel nail ring 3

Still wearing those tiny cross knuckle rings? That is so five minutes ago, because now nail rings are the new ‘It’ item in finger bling. According to Chanel, anyway. The haute couture show took place in Paris this morning and, ever the trendsetter, Chanel models stomped the runway with fingers layered with rings- normal, knuckle and nail.

chanel nail ring 4

It’s a natural progression from the knuckle-wearing trend, but it may be one that lacks in the functionality department.┬áDaily tasks like eating, typing, looking for lipstick in handbag, etc, may become a little trickier with adorned fingertips. Nevertheless, we predict tiny slivers of the silver, gold and bejeweled variety popping up in high street stores promptly, so the questions begs: Do you dare to layer? (The answer is most always, yes.) [Via: Fashionista]

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