by Cassandra

Beyonce Recieves Major Backlash After She Promotes Kelly Rowland’s Album

Beyonce’s devoted, shade throwing fans, The Beyhive, turned on their Queen after Bey’s ghostwriter DARED to update the “News” section of her site with non-Beyonce album related news and instead promoted Kelly Rowland’s album Talk A Good Game:

Beyonce Talk A good Game

Thus far, the Mrs. Carter World Domination has consisted of a terrible trap-inspired track, a “surprise” that was later revealed to be a Pepsi commercial, a music video/ad campaign hawking $5.95 bikinis, and a reminder that she is a GROWWWWNNNN WOMAN. Promoting Kelly’s album to the Beyhive, when your buzzing mignons are waiting for your own album?!!!!!

The Beyhive didn’t take to kindly to Beyonce’s fangirl moment, and read Beyonce to filth with tweets like: