by Klara

SCANDAL: The Government Is Recording Your Phone Calls

Paris Jackson’s Cry For Help


Police believe that Paris Jackson did not intend to die when she was rushed to hospital after what is being officially called a “suicide attempt”. Apparently the 15-year-old cut herself with a meat cleaver, took some Motrin pills and then called a suicide hotline, who abruptly sent an ambulance to her home. A source close to the case told TMZ: “She wanted attention… She wanted to be saved”. Michael Jackson’s daughter was rushed into hospital yesterday, leaving a string of concerning tweets, which may grant some insight into how the teen was feeling hours before her attempt. [TMZ]

Big Brother Is Recording Your Calls


This is a Scandal worthy of Olivia Pope. It has been revealed that the National Security Agency is collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon customers. (Seriously people- season two, episode 3?) A reporter from The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald, exposed a secret court order which requires Verizon to give information to the NSA on an “ongoing, daily basis.” But worry not, your phone sex was not being listened in to by some NSA data-entry mole. The information recorded includes phone numbers, time and duration of calls, and location data. You can breathe now… [The Guardian]

Man Tries To Kill Himself Outside Of ‘Today’ Show


A man is being held in custody after he attemted suicide outside of the Today show in New York City this morning. The crowd gathered at the Rockerfellar Centre studio got a terrible fright when a man took out a knife and started to cut his wrists at around 8am this morning. Police managed to wrestle the weapon out of his hands and he was brought to hospital, where he is expected to recover fully. Matt Lauer addressed the situation on air and then tweeted a message to assure fans: “All secure on the plaza after a scary incident. Thanks to our security team and the NYPD,” he first tweeted. He then added, “Sorry, a man attempted to harm himself with a knife. He is under police control. In custody.” [Hollywood Life]

 Beyonce’s New Song


Beyonce has just released a new track, but don’t expect Queen Bey to address any ‘B*tches‘ in this one. ‘Rise Up’ is an inspirational ballad for the animated movie Epic, in which she is voice of Queen Tara. The song is co-written by Sia and produced by Hit-Boy. Have a listen here: