by Cassandra

Swimwear Shopping: The Dos And Don’ts For Summer 2013

If girls were rocking bikinis as their full festival look at FPSF in Houston last weekend, we are expecting to see even more skin at Governors Ball this week. And with the 90 degree heat currently slamming New York citizens, the time to start hunting for the perfect bathing suit- a chore you’ve undoubtedly  been dreading since spring sprung- has arrived. But wait! No need to fret this year! We’ve got you covered with the do’s and don’ts of swimwear shopping. Like, don’t wear a thong bikini bottom, because like Tiara Monique Garness learned, donning a thong a la BadgalRiRi can get your ass locked up. Avoid jail time, and channel your inner Beyonce with our guide on how to win beach season.

Don’t Get Hung Up Over Your Size

 Shopping for swimwear doesn’t have to be a highly-charged issue. Forget about “bikini ready” body frames– and ditch the grandma-inspired cover ups while you’re at it.

H&M plus size collection


Don’t Wear Swimsuits With A Deep V Cut 

It’s all about the side boob peek-a-boo this summer, showing off slightly less cleavage goes a long way.


(Andrea Iyamah, Anzi swimsuit)

Don’t Stick To Last Year’s Itsy Bitsy Bathing Suit 

One pieces with sneaky cut outs or 50’s inspired maillots have much chicer (and sexier) appeal than this:

tiny bikini

Don’t Attempt To Be Bikini Twinsies With Your Best Friend 

Unrelated to the topic of bathing suits, but totally on the topic of not looking crazy this summer: Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld pulled the twinsie stunt during Memorial Day weekend, and it was painful. Take note, and don’t try this at the beach/pool/anywhere in public.

Do Stray Away From Floral Print Swimsuits #ZZZ 

Go with eye popping motifs (animals! religious art!) and trippy prints instead of flowers.


(Black Milk)

Do Ditch The Bikini Bottoms That Show Off Your Crack

THAT’S WACK! Stock up high waist bottoms that can also double as hot pants once summer starts getting #Real.



Do Take A Risk And Go The Bondage S&M Route

Rihanna would be proud.