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Rihanna Shades Knicks’ J.R. Smith, Charles Ramsey’s “Burger Bash” Video Game And More

kim kardashian feet givenchy
Music: Lil Wayne and Birdman Replace Mannie Fresh with Drake For Big Tymers Reunion
Ready for an instant 90s flashback? Before YMCMB, rappers Birdman and Lil Wayne were a part of the trio Big Tymers alongside Mannie Fresh. Last week on MTV’s “RapFix Live” Birdman confirmed the Big Tymers would be releasing a new project after 9 years but unbeknownst to Mannie, Drake would be taking his place. Yikes/Ouch/Awkward. Consider Wayne and Birdman’s move equivalent to Beyonce reforming Destiny’s Child, only to replace Michelle with Rihanna. Yah, SHADY. (Via: MTV)
Celebrity: Charles Ramsey’s Video Game Lets You Throw Burgers At Ariel Castro
Charles Ramsey Video Game
As if the memes of Charles Ramsey’s interview weren’t degrading enough, there’s now a “Burger Bash” video game where players (as Ramsey, dressed in a yellow and red superhero costume) throw burgers at Ariel Castro as women scream in the background.  Sick.  (Via: HuffPo)
New York– Republican Senator Mocks Christine Quinn’s Eating Disorder And Alcoholism
Earlier this week, City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn revealed her struggles with an eating disorder and alcoholism. Was it a revelation made in order to lock in the woman vote and smooth her notoriously rough edges? Probably. But according to Republican Senator Al D’Amato, Quinn is likely fabricating her addiction. During NY1’s “Wise Guys” the senator mocked Quinn, making the entire panel of politicians uncomfortable with his banter: “I’m crying. My campaign is suffering. I’m going down.” He then snaps out of his Quinn imitation and TAKES IT THERE: “It’s a bunch of bunk”. (Via: Daily Intelligencer)
Fashion: Kim Kardashian Thinks Swollen Feet And Clear Givenchy Heels Totally Work
kim kardashian feet
Kim Kardashian, the same woman who has confirmed her pregnancy is painful as hell, decided to squeeze her feet into clear Givenchy heels. Conclusion: Julianne Moore and Kim K have the same stylist.
Social Media: Rihanna Says Knicks’ J.R. Smith Is “Thirsty”, and “He F***ing Up Cuz His Azz Be Hungover’ #NOFILTER
Knicks’ J.R. Smith has been receiving some flack from fans after struggling on the court during the Knicks/Pacers playoff series. Rihanna (who’s been spotted pourin’ it up with the baller) took to her Instagram and reveal the cause of “thirsty” J.R. Smith’s poor playing:
Turns out the Instagram member, @peruvian_gawd, wasn’t actually Smith, but rather a fan who shared Rih-Rih’s sentiment on his personal account. In response, the Knicks won last night’s game. Rihanna the good luck charm?  (Via: NYDN)
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