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Side-Eye Moments of The Week: Nicki Minaj’s Late Arrival At American Idol, A Snapchat Nude Leaks To Instagram And More

Nicki Minaj Arrives Late To American Idol Live Show 
(Photo Via: Instagram)
 During Wednesday’s live American Idol episode, Nicki Minaj sashayed her way to the judge’s table 13 minutes late, miffing fellow judges Mariah Carey (duh) and Randy Jackson. Before Minaj’s late entrance, Ryan Seacrest blamed the rapper’s absence on “some congestion on the 405″. And that’s plausible. After all, arriving in a dark hoodie and sunglasses is NOT what we’d call fashionably late. Girl, this is not first period gym class, get it together.(Via: US Weekly
Your Nudes Aren’t Safe On Snapshot 
(Photo Via: BGR)
Don’t assume uploading your nudes via Snapchat, the real time picture chatting service, will decrease the chances of your naked bodies leaking to the world.  After two freshman girls from a New Jersey high school sent explicit images via Snapchatt to classmates, one student managed to screen shot the image before it was erased, and then proceeded to uploaded it onto Instagram. The student(s) may face child pornography charges if police can find nude photos of the fellow classmates in their possession.(Via: Mashable)
 Shooting of A Brooklyn Teen Sparks Riots In East Flatbush Neighborhood
(Photo Via: NYT)
  Riots broke out in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn where 16 year old, Kimani “Kiki” Gray was shot and killed by police officers who fried 11 rounds at the youngster after he allegedly flashed a gun to the out-of-uniform officers. Following the murder, neighborhood friends and family have rioted on Church Avenue to protest in anger. During the third night of rioting climaxed after a cop was struck with a brick in the face  and 50 arrests were made.  (Via NY1)
Amanda Bynes Debuts Her New Look, Is The Star of The TRAP
(Photo Via: Twitter)
Apparently, Amanda Bynes is going for trashtastic realness circa 2007 with her latest look. From what we can tell, she’s sporting supply store weave crafted out of wool, check piercings and a Trapstar beanie hat from Canal St. C’mon mama! (Via: Twitter)