by swaggerblog

From Ratchet To Regular, The Fashion Tranformation of Nicki Minaj

(Photo Via: Elle Magazine)

Nicki Minaj fronts Elle Magazine this April sporting a very sexy but relatively simple Tom Ford jacket and American Apparel leggings, in a shoot styled by Joe Zee.  The fresh-faced rapper has been toning down her looks as of late, showing up to an American Idol All-Star party in a simple black lace dress and toning down the flash of her once hair-raising wig choices. It’s a calculated move to the middle, and one that other stars like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have already begun. But how will Minaj’s legion of angsty “Barbz” – the singer’s Twitter fanatics – take to her more mainstream approach to fashion? Will they believe that she can still understand what they’re going through as outsiders attempting to fit in, or will they just see her as a sellout? While we scroll through their tweets, take a look below at the style evolution of Nicki Minaj, from ratchet to downright regular: