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SPRING BUY: P*ssy Sparkle Mafia Spring 2013 Lookbook

P*ssy Sparkle Mafia- pretty catchy name huh?- gave us the first peek into their Spring Lookbook last night, which really just looks like one big party! Before you get distracted by all the squakwers, toy guns, and lollipops, get into the INSANELY high thigh high socks! The spring collection was inspired by the Brooklyn party scene, Paris Hilton, the 90’s, Dipset- basically all things ratchet and awesome. The first batch of spandex thigh highs features hologram, galaxy, dollar bill, and starry prints, with names like “HotBitch”, “Stardust”, and “AM3RiCAN PriNC3SS.” PERFECT for our spring party outfits. Check out the rest of the lookbook and buy a pair or two now at