by swaggerblog

Must You Be So Unforgivable, Anne Hathaway?

It’s not in our hearts to be mean – really! But when it comes to Anne Hathaway, we cannot ignore the burning hatred that flares up inside of us every time she flits across the screen. Take the Oscars, for example. When accepting her award for Best Supporting Actress, Hathaway began her speech with the most insincere three words: “It came true!” Yes, she said that. As if she’d been a pauper in a slum and dreamed of this day every minute of her life. AS IF she was surprised by her win and didn’t practice this speech in front of the mirror every day since stepping off of the Les Mis set. There are no words to describe our dislike of this girl, so please see below at the 4 most unforgivable moments from Pretty Pretty Princess’ performance at last night’s Oscars:

It all started on the red carpet when Anne Hathaway acted like she actually looked good in her Prada nightgown with perky nipple-stitching. Ha ha “It’s business in the front and a party in the back!”, she said. No, really, she said that:

She took a page from Taylor Swift’s playbook during her Les Miserables performance, looking BEWILDERED while “dreaming a dream.”

And when her name was announced as a nominee for Best Supporting Actress, she let out that I’m-modest-but-I’m-really-not-modest-at-all-give-me-this-damn-award-already grin. And then flashed those teeth. Oh, those teeth!

And when she won, this happened. THE HORROR! She started off with “It came true” and then thanked every person that she’s ever met in her life, because she’s so sweet and humble. And ANNOYING: