by Cassandra

Beyoncé Fronts The Gentlewoman, Blue Ivy Is Exposed And Justin Timberlake Joins Instagram

B-Day Weekend Has Arrived

(Photo Via: The Gentlewoman)

Guys, it’s happening: In less than 24 hours, Beyoncé will debut her HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream”, which could very well cement her title as pop music’s HBIC (that’s Head Bitc* In Charge, if you’re late). And to support her big doc, Ms. Carter’s been everywhere, from The Super Bowl to the Grammys, and now, The Gentlewoman. In a chic and simple get up, we’ve gotta applaud the mag for making Queen B more beautiful and regal than Vogue could. Watch Bey’s “Life Is But A Dream” below: (Via: Hypebeast/ABC)

(Photo Via: The Gentlewoman)


 Nike Releases Dunk Pack Featuring Hologram Details 

(Photo Via: Nike)

Just when you thought you were officially over the Isabel Marant inspired wedge kick, Nike goes and throws hologram details on its version of the sneaker. The Nike WMNS Dunk Sky High City Pack won’t be released until March 27th, but the major sneaker brand released a sneak peek of what ladies can expect to werq this spring/summer. The Nike Dunk Sky High includes five versions of the wedge kick with each style representing the major style cities of Paris, London, Milan, New York and Tokyo. (Via: NB)

(Photo Via: Nike/Nike Blog)

NYPD Borrows Catfish Tricks To Nab Raping Rabbi

(Photo Via: Pix11)

 Brooklyn rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich was arrested after NYPD vice detective “catfished” the 59-year-old rabbi who was exchanging “sexually explicit messages” with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. Investigators say that Rabbi Rabinowich used two AOL (AOL?! REALLY?!) screen names including “NYC-NORMAL100″ and “NORMALGENTNYC”. Right, because every 14-year-old boy refers to themselves online as “normal”.  Rabinowich was arrested Thursday night in Brooklyn and is due back in court on March 7th. (Via: Pix11)

 Justin Timberlake Has Joined Instagram 

 (Photo Via: Instagram)

Justin Timberlake has brought his Suit & Tie sh*t to Instagram! The crooner is the latest celeb to join the photo sharing social network, debuting his new account with Willow-filtered flicks on Grammy Sunday. You can follow JT  @JustinTimberlake, but pray to God it won’t be a stream of black and white photos of JT in a suit. Because that’s already tired. (Via: Mashable)

James Blake Is Back 

It’s about time British soul singer and producer James Blake just mussy up the courage and propose to us. Because we’d totally take care of him. Like, give us the chance to soothe that voice with honey and lemon, and fatten up those bones with shepard’s pie and more. WE. WOULD.TAKE. CARE. OF. HIM. Sorry, before this post goes into psycho-territory, we should just introduce the musician’s return to the scene with “Retrograde.” With the new offering, Blake doesn’t diverge far from the sound of his self-titled 2011 album, and that’s OK. We will take a beautifully broken voice and deep melodic beats any day of the week.