by Cassandra

App “Boyfriend Trainer” Promotes Domestic Abuse, Caleb Moore Dies After X Games Accident, And More!

Death During The X Games 

(Photo VIa: AP)

X Games snowmobiler Caleb Moore died today following injuries he sustained during last week’s Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. In the live footage below, Moore’s snowmobile flipped on top of him, as he lay unconscious. ESPN released a statement assuring that they would conduct a “thorough review” into the X Games freestyle snowmobiling event, and “adopt appropriate changes” for future games. (Via: ABC News)

 Want To Tap Into Your Inner Crazy Bitch? There’s An App For That!  

(Photo Via: Boyfriend Trainer)

Games2win developers recently created the controversial app “Boyfriend Trainer” which features an animated girlfriend using controls to “train” her cartoon boyfriend. Throughout the game, alerts like “Girlfriends don’t like their boyfriends to look at other girls. About time he got the message. Slap him silly!”  and other “lessons”  advise the girlfriend on why and when to slap the boyfriend. And users advance through the games by abusing their men. Because the app doesn’t promote violence against women, “Boyfriend Trainer” doesn’t break the app store’s ban and has yet to be removed from the App Store.  (Via: NYDNY)

 A 7-Year-Old Boy Was Detained At A Bronx Precinct For Bullying

(Photo Via: New York Post)

After Wilson Reyes, 7, allegedly punched a 9-year-old and took $5 from him, the at his Bronx school, Reyes was arrested for robbery and assault. The 7-year-old was interrogated for ten hours, four in school the other six at the precinct. Wilson’s mother, Frances Mendez, who snapped the photo the The Post ran on their Wednesday cover, is suing the city for $250 million. Court docs state that Reyes was “handcuffed and verbally, physically and emotionally abused, intimidated, humiliated embarrassed and defamed.” (Via: The Post)

Don’t Try This At Home, Or Anywhere Else: Mantyhose 

(Photo Via: Emilio Cavallini)

We just can’t endorse the latest gender-dipping menswear trend: Mantyhose. Business Insider wants men to ditch their slim fit denim for the hoisery that’s heating up Europe, thanks to hosiery and bodywear designer Emilio Cavallini.  Guys, let’s keep the trend overseas. (Via: Business Insider)