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Frank Ocean Takes Chris Brown To Court, Michelle Williams Fails Again And MTV Ends ‘Teen Mom’

Frank Ocean To Take Chris Brown To Court  

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Just one year shy of completing his five year probation stint, Chris Brown might want to hold on tight to his orange jumpsuit. Following Brown’s weekend brawl with Frank Ocean over Grammy nods a parking space, it looks like he’ll be prosecuted, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman.  *Update* – Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and other witnesses have been summoned for interviewes by LA law enforcement officials. Chris Brown should probably leave the country. (Via: Reuters

MTV Set To Shut Down “Teen Mom”
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MTV will cancel its hit show “Teen Mom” after next season.  The Post reports that the cable channel is pulling the plug on its “16 and Pregnant” counterpart because of crazy ass co-star Jenelle Evans who tweeted her wedding, second pregnancy (WTF?!), miscarriage and divorce. After the public meltdown and arrest of “Teen Mom” Season 1 star Amber Port, MTV does not have the time or patience for liabilities, hence the cancellation of the controversial series. MTV will continue to air “16 and Pregnant”. (Via: The Post
Michelle Williams Tried To Play Coy And Failed 
Destiny’s Child back-up singer Michelle Williams fumbled during an attempt to play coy about the rumored Destiny’s Child reunion at this year’s Super Bowl. Williams shot down reunion rumors by stating that she would be a castmember on the traveling show of Fela! at the time of the Super Bowl. According to the official ticketing website, however, Williams will not be appearing January 31-February 3rd, the same night as the big kickoff. Well that was cute, Michelle. (Via: People
Pro-Gun Activists Heckle Newtown Dad
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And in sickening news: Neil Heslin, father of a young boy shot in the Newtown massacre, was heckled yesterday at a town hall of sorts discussing gun prevention. As the father told the crowd “I still can’t see why any civilian, anybody in this room in fact, needs weapons of that sort. You’re not going to use them for hunting, even for home protection,” he was interrupted by pro-gun activists shouting “Second amendment!” Now that’s a way to get your point across, punks. (Via Huffington Post)