by Cassandra

The Fashion Risk Every Woman Needs To Take: Master Hologram In 4 Steps

Remember that highlighter neon trend? Yah, so last summer. Take note from designers like Stella McCartney and Jonathan Saunders, and stock your closets with hologram threads for Spring 2013. But before you freak out, like “WTF hologram?!”, think less Coachella Tupac and more galaxy print 3.0. We’re giving you the five steps on how best to conquer the trend before the rest of the world hops on the trippy bandwaggon:

Step One: Replace Your D.I.Y Nail Art 

You’ve gotta start somewhere right? One-up Zooey Deschanel by forgoing intricate nail art for trippy nail art! #HausofHologram

(Photo Via: MakeUp4All)

Step Two: Add Hologram To Your Closet

After you rack up the Instagram likes for your nails, up the ante with a statement piece. Start off with shape-flattering black hologram digs like this ASOS tee, and then build up to pants in a black or silver. If you’re feeling real fearless, pair the two together. #Badass

(Photo Via: Asos, Rainbow Hologram Tee, $49.95)

Step Three: Trip-Up Your Jewelry Box

Next step: Hook up your bling-box. Let GO of that embellished collar you wore out last fall,  and replace it with holographic jewels. 

(Photo Via: Nasty Gal Hologram Necklace,  $18)

Step Four: Don’t Forget Your Kick Game…

The perfect accessory to your necklace? A high-top hologram kick. Drop your Isabel Marants and invest in the holographic pump Stella McCartney featured in her S/S 2013 collection. If heels aren’t your thing, snag the Nasty Gal hologram oxford.

(Photo Via: Urban Outfitters, $69,  NastyGal,$180)

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