by Cassandra

The Top 12 Celebrity Selfie Photos Of 2012

 It’s official: 2012 is the year of the self-snapped, or “selfie”, photo. Whether out at a party or relaxing in our bathtub, we’ve all turned the camera on ourselves for a quick snap-snap, anxiously awaiting likes from our bevy of followers. As the year progressed, and Instagram became more star-studded, selfies began getting hotter (read: Rihanna), and also weirder (ahem, Amanda Bynes). But with the platform’s new terms and conditions, we may be seeing less and less self-snapped (and filtered) flicks. Just in time, we bring you the top celebrity selfies of the year that was:

The “Power Women Selfie”: Meryl Streep + Hillary Clinton 

Capturing a selfie of you and your equally ferocious friend in killer threads. #FIERCE

(Photo Via: Getty Images)

The “Gym Selfie”: Justin Bieber 

Instagraming your toned physique during a cardio cooldown… and making your ex super jealz. #UMAD

(Photo Via: Justin Bieber @Justinbieber)

The “Sexy-Face Selfie”: Rihanna

Wanna remind your ex how hot your are? Throw your sexy-face on Instagram. #SexySelfie

(Photo Via: Rihanna @Badgalriri)

The “Candid Selfie”: Lindsay Lohan 

Want your Instagram followers to know that you spend a majority of the your contemplating one’s purpose on earth, NOT doing lots of drugs? Post the candid selfie. #Thoughtful

(Photo Via: Lindsay Lohan, @bellarosemand)

The “Smoking Selfie”: Drake 

Fulfilling the stereotype of a rapper, snapping yourself mid-exhale, that’s the “smoking selfie”. #420

(Photo Via: Drake, @Champagnepapi)

The “Deeper Meaning Behind My Selfie, Selfie”: Beyonce 

Including a handwritten one-liner in your selfie that your fans don’t understand but WHO CARES?! You are a flowing river of deep creativity! #Artist

(Photo Via: Beyonce, @baddiebey)

The “Me + My Boo Selfie”: Kanye West + Kim Kardashian 

Getting a shot of you and your new lover together so everyone (including the ex) is well aware that you two are definitely an item. #Cuffed

 The “My New Look Selfie”: Miley Cyrus

Asking Instagram if everyone looooovesssss your “new ‘do, new you”, topping off the comment with a cut and hairflip emojii icon. #NewLook

The “Ain’t Nobody F*cking w/ My Clique Selfie”: Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) And Alexa Chung

Showing off who you’re hanging with and making a mirror pic, like, 3d.  Don’t Fu** WIth My Clique Selfie. #BFFL

 The “WTF Selfie”: Amanda Bynes

Sharing a crazy photo of yourself, only to delete it after a deeply concerned friend asks you to call her ASAP! You’ll throw it back up anytime you feel like being extra. #StuntQueen

The “Make Up Chair Selfie”: Bar Refaeli 

Getting your tresses bleached and blown at a professional hair salon, proving you are classy as all hell.  #GlamSquad

And the biggest selfied celeb of 2012 is…

 The Outfit Of The Day Selfie: Kim Kardashian

Reminding everyone that you look good in just about any item that is sent to you by a designer. Oh, and, again, there is no competition.  #PHUCKYOSTREETSTYLE #OOTD

SEE?! Celebrities ARE just like us!