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No Doubt Makes Reggae Collection, A French Magazine Causes Controversy + Esquire To Take Over T.V.

No Doubt Creates Reggae Inspired Collection 

(Photo Via: Getty Images)

Get ready to dress up in red green and yellow rasta gear, courtesy of No Doubt! Everyone’s fave rock band is set to collaborate with Fred Perry on a collection that mirrors their ska roots. The full collection is available on, and will be released globally this spring. Save up now, slim-cut tees go for $95.00 each (Via: WWD)

Benicio Del Toro Causes Controversy With L’Officiel Homme Cover

(Photo Via: L’Officiel)

Benicio Del Toro’s L’Officiel Homme cover is ruffling some feathers in the industry today. Taking a nod from Vogue’s LeBron cover, Del Toro is carrying a nude, “helpless” and unconscious woman…to every feminist’s chagrin. Countdown to L’Officiel’s apology statement starts now. (Via: Huffington Post)

 Esquire Goes From Newsstands To The Small Screen?

(Photo Via: Esquire)

Nerdy men everywhere weeped when G4 announced both Attack of the Show and X-Play will be phased out of its programming to make room for a mega re-brand.  Well, Deadline reports that Esquire has everything to do with the revamp–the Hearst publication may partner with the channel to become a style hub for men. Whoa. (Via: Deadline)