by Elise

Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Lie To Your Lover…In .GIFs

Keeping Up The Thread Of Lies Is IMPOSSIBLE

 It takes a keen memory and skilled poker face to get away with an ever expanding lie. And women have a natural ability to spot holes in any sinking ship of a story, so once spotted, man overboard!

Revenge Will Ensue  

Hell hath no fury like a woman (or really pissed off man) scorned. Think about it: Is your lie really worth a burned house, car, face, etc? Just sayin’.

When Word Leaks, Your Friends Will Despise You

Prepare yourself for that awkward moment when you run into your scorned boo’s bestie and they throw you more shade than all the Queens combined in Paris Is Burning. It will happen.

And if you do somehow find yourself back in good graces, your lover’s family will forever give you the side eye…with your lying ass.

Because It’s F*cking Hurtful 

Being lied to just plain sucks, period. The deceit hurts more than the actual lie itself. Finding yourself on the receiving end of a lie evokes feelings of hurt and betrayal, making you want to down a pint of ice cream, vodka, and a joint at once.

You Could Lose A Great Friend 

Who else will listen to you rant about the douche bag at work who keeps eating people’s lunch, and who loves Seinfeld and Wu-Tang just as much as you? You won’t just lose a bedside buddy, you could lose a bestie.

So if you want to make things right, apologize sooner than later. Or else your hurt honey will realize he/she is better off without you.

*Presses play on Beyonce “Irreplaceable”.*