by Cassandra

Best Moments: Demi Moore Twerks For Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z’s ‘Where I’m From’ Doc And More!

Demi Moore Is Having The Best Basel Ever 

(Photo Via: Getty Images)

Demi Moore went back to her Striptease days and twerked for Lenny Kravitz at Chanel’s Art Basel BBQ. Not sure if we’d get our eagle on at a Chanel party per se, but we’ve gotta give snaps to Moore for still twerking past 40. #YASSSHONEY

A Model Was Born This Week 

(Photo Via: Gisele/Facebook)

Super-humans Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady welcomed their first daughter, Vivian Lake, into the world on Wednesday. Gisele released a statement via Facebook and shared a picture of Vivian Lake’s hand. AWWWWW (via: Gisele/Facebook)

Vulpin Brings Color-Blocking Back

(Photo Via: Vulpin)

This is genius. Combining color-blocking and dip-dye, NYC-based menswear brand Vulpin releases an essential accessory for any guy hoping to get cuffed by V-Day.  The tie comes in other contrast color combos including black/pink, black/yellow, black/green and grey/pink. The $60 ties are available now at Vulpin’s online shop.  (Vulpin)

Jay-Z Releases “Where I’m From” Online Documentary 

(Photo Via: Life + Times)

Jay-Z gave a behind-the-scenes look into his September performances at the Barclays Center in the just released “Where I’m From” documentary. Aside from a glimpse into HOV’s on-stage world, cameras followed the rapper onto the R train where he meets 67-year old artist Ellen Grossman. So adorbs. (via: Life + Times)

Kate Bosworth Is Topshop’s Face For The Holidays

(Photo Via: Topshop)

Who knew Kate Bos could sing?! Ok, fine, so she doesn’t top Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” tune, but the below rendition of “SONG” for Topshop’s first-ever Holiday Campaign is cute enough.