by Cassandra

The Top 4 Side-Chick Scandals In Media History Juicier Than Paula Broadwell And Jill Kelley

In case you just woke up from last weekend, we thought we’d bring you up to date on the latest from the General Petraeus sex scandal that’s taking over the airwaves: Four star-general and C.I.A. Director David Petraeus recently resigned after it came to light that he was having an affair with author Paula Broadwell. Apparently, a friend (lover?) of Petraeus, Jill Kelley, sent the FBI some harassing email exchanges between the two ladies and prompted a deep investigation into the General’s sex life. All really racy if you ask us, but not as racy as the government sex scandals of yesteryear. Let us remind you of the top side-chick/lover/fling/jump-off moments in history:

4. The Housemaid/Mistress – Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baen

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Bitter after receiving a pink slip, Arnold Schwarznegger’s long-term maid, Mildred Baen, threatened to go public with the news that she and Schwarznegger share a love-child who was born just five days after Maria Shriver gave birth to their now teenage son. Schwarznegger publicly announced his infidelity, which led to the separation between he and Shriver. Needless to say Baen is getting paid, just not as a maid. You.Go.Girl.

3. The Mistress Turned Main Chick- Rielle Hunter 

(Photo Via: AP)

Rielle Hunter and Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards’s affair was outed by the National Enquirer just as Edwards began to gain steam as a potential presidential candidate. The mag announced that he was not only unfaithful to his cancer-stricken wife but that he also fathered a love child with Hunter. The world watched the paternity scandal unfold until Edwards admitted the truth two years later. Edwards and Hunter recently split due to ongoing media scrutiny. Funny enough, Rielle Hunter and Paula Broadwell are neighbors…something in the water?

2.  The Call-Girl Turned D-List Celeb-Ashley Dupré

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Governor Eliot Spitzer was taken down swiftly after news surfaced that he loved visiting a call-girl named Alexandra Dupré. Once Spitzer stepped down, Dupré milked the hell out of her 15 minutes, landing a sex column.

1. The First Side-Chick Every 90s Kid Remembers: Monica Lewinsky 

(Photo Via: CNN)

She is the reason we even know what “impeachment” is. During Monica Lewinsky’s internship at the White House from ’95-’96, the California native was doing a whole lot more than copy-writing. When news of their relationship broke, the President was held to the cross for lying under oath while Lewinsky began shilling a line of handbags. That was one moment we’ll never forget.