by swaggerblog

4 Reasons Why Beyoncé Will Outperform Madonna At Super Bowl XLVII

It’s official: Beyonce will perform at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show! *Heads are exploding globally*  Here are 4 reasons why Queen B will outperform Madonna’s epic set from last year.

1.) You probably won’t need to put oil in Beyoncé’s joints just to see her dance on-cue.

2.) Her high-note game will be insane. Like, start to finish high-notes and no lip-synching. See here.

3.) She can do Beyoncé, she can do Sasha Fierce, she can do Destiny’s Chid Diva. There are three entirely different Beyonce’s on one stage!

4.) She’ll replace Nicki Minaj and MIA with, well, anyone she wants (Jay-Z, DC, Solange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blue Ivy, Diana Ross…and the list goes on).

* Please do note the significance of 4. xx