by Cassandra

Justin Bieber’s Media Stunt, Nelly Is Caught With Lots Of Drugs + Lindsay Lohan’s A Sad Girl

Lindsay Lohan Is Having The Worst Week Ever


But what’s new? Lindsay and Dina Lohan had a fight, TMZ played the recording of a frantic Lindsay calling her dad (because her dad sold the tape), and now Lindsay’s claiming she’s BFF with mom, and hates Michael Lohan! And her mom still owes her $40k. Oh, and she’s also voting for Mitt Romney because of his stance on employment…it’s a long story. #worstweekever

Justin Bieber Is The Stunt Queen Of The Day 

 Justin Bieber sent shock waves around the blogosphere when he announced that his laptop had been stolen at a recent concert. Well, guys, there were no thieves (and no nudes on that laptop), just a new video for “Beauty and the Beat”. The video is totally staged around the supposed stolen laptop…and it’s also really really bad. #ShamelessPromotion Gone Bad.

Paul Ryan’s Work Out Flicks

(Photo Via: Times)

Time Magazine is responsible for leaking those cheesy flicks of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan. Allegedly, the Ryan camp was upset with the leaked photos as they were intended to be used LAST YEAR when Ryan was up for Time’s Person Of The Year Award. Instead, they were released the day of the VP debate…Awkward.

Taryn Manning Arrested In NYC

<br /> 	Taryn Manning in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday, October 12, 2012. Manning, an actor who appeared with rapper Eminem in the movie "8 Mile" was arrested for assaulting her personal assistant. After signing an order of protection to stay away from the assistant, she was released on her own recognisance and must return to court in November. With her is her lawyer, Joe Tacopina.<br />

(Photo Via: NYDN)

“Hustle And Flow” actress Taryn Manning choked and punched her 23-year old assistant and close friend last night at the Dream Downtown. According to Manning’s attorney, a ‘long, hard, grueling day’ triggered the fight between Manning and Holliann Hartman, who received blows to the face and body after Manning punched, choked, and threw her to the wall. Whoa.

Rapper Nelly Was Caught w/ Lots Of Drugs 


(Photo Via: LA Times)

Guess Nelly didn’t hear about Fiona Apple’s run in with the law along the Sierra Blanca border. The “Hot In Herre” rapper was caught ridin’ dirty with TEN POUNDS of weed, thirty six baggies of heroin and a loaded gun. After the reports surfaced, Nelly took to Twitter explaining that the contraband wasn’t his, but instead belonged to a staffer. Our only question is WTF was Nelly doing on a tour bus?

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare Happened To A Missouri Couple

 <br /> 	Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette<br />

(Photo Via: Facebook)

Doctors told Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette that the staff would have to perform a C-section to deliver their baby, but the routine procedure it didn’t go as planned. During the delivery, the obstetrician separated the baby’s head from its body and then shoved the newborn back into the mother. The doctor then performed an emergency C-section to cover up the fatal error. Literally the WORST story we’ve heard this year. :(

Reason #247513 Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Wasted

Zoey Ripple was shot in the early morning hours when she entered the Boulder home of Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion.

(Photo Via: Handout)

Because you might just wander into a stranger’s house and get shot when they assume you’re a burglar. That was the case for Zoey Ripple, a 21-year old University of Colorado student whose lawyer is contending that she actually was roofied during the walk-in. Ripple has plead guilty to criminal trespassing and has sworn off drinking until next thirsty Thursday.